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Music Anime Genre

Anime has many categories and genres to explore and sometimes some genres are overshadowed and underestimate. The music genre in anime is...

Top 5 Anime Betrayals

*Contains the following content contains Spoilers We all have an anime that we have been so into that when something happens in the...

10 Drama Filled Animes

Trigger Warning: The following anime contain suicide, depression, bullying, illness, and death Have you ever had an anime that evokes...

Revisión de Seis Manos

¡Se aconseja discreción! El siguiente espectáculo contiene material gráfico Ambientado en la ciudad fronteriza ficticia de San Simón,...

Seis Manos Review

Viewer Discretion Advised! The following show contains graphic material Set in the modest fictional border town of San Simon, Mexico,...

Family Friendly Animes

Do want to share your love for anime with your friends and family but don’t know where to start? Do you want anime that has characters...

Reverse Harems Pt. 2

There are many great reverse harem anime! If you prefer dark and sultry or light and comedic, there is definitely a reverse harem for all...



Just your average girl trying to share her passion for anime and manga. Anime has always held a special spot in my heart. It has taught me a lot about myself and how to thrive in today’s crazy world. 

Anime has provided a safe and comforting place for me in my happiest and darkest times.  All of these elements brought me to start Rina Senpai's Anime Closet.

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