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“If you wanna make people dream, you’ve gotta start by believing in that dream yourself!” – Seiya Kanie (Amagi Brilliant Park)

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Top Tier Waifus

In the anime world there are countless opportunities for you to find a waifu. A waifu is a fictional character that someone has romantic...

Cure the Expresso Depresso

Does quarantine life have you depressed and bored? Feeling stressed? Are you running out of anime to watch? Need a little something to...

Rina's Review: Trese

Rated PG-13 for Horror, Gore and Violence As anime expands and becomes more accessible to many across the world; we are starting to see...

5 Great Romance Anime

Romance animes is one of the more popular genres outside of action/fantasy. However, romance animes are a dime dozen in the anime...

10 LGBTQ+ Animes to Watch

In the world of anime there are a multitude of genres and sub-genres. As anime rises with popularity so do the genres. Meaning there is a...

Music Anime Genre

Anime has many categories and genres to explore and sometimes some genres are overshadowed and underestimate. The music genre in anime is...

Top 5 Anime Betrayals

*Contains the following content contains Spoilers We all have an anime that we have been so into that when something happens in the...

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Just your average girl trying to share her passion for anime and manga. Anime has always held a special spot in my heart. It has taught me a lot about myself and how to thrive in today’s crazy world. 

Anime has provided a safe and comforting place for me in my happiest and darkest times. All of these elements brought me to start Rina Senpai's Anime Closet. I am here to do just that. Rina Senpai's Anime Closet serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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