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Take my money Webtoons!

What are webtoons? Webtoons are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea. Unlike manga and manhwa which are recognized outside of their originating countries, webtoons are mostly unknown to the rest of the world. However, webtoons have risen in popularity because of smartphones and webtoons being adapted into different avenues of entertainment. As webtoons rise in popularity, take this time to read and familiarize yourself with some outstanding webtoons. The following list are ongoing webtoons. This is not my full list; this is the I can not spend the 5 coins fast enough when it updates list. No, you do not have to pay to read these webtoon only if you want to read ahead. Hope you check these webtoons and enjoy them as much as I do!

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

TW: Sexual Assault, Rape, Physical Abuse

  • Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural, Drama, Romance

Witness what the gods do…after dark. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before.

Do you like Greek mythology? Like romance and drama? Then this is the webtoon for you. This webtoon is a modern retelling of the relationship between the Greek goddess and god Persephone and Hades. Lore Olympus is a webtoon were the art pulls you in, but you stay for the story.

The God of High School by Yongje Park

  • Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy

Mori Jin is a high school student and Taekwondo specialist who enters "The God of High School," a fighting tournament that promises the winner anything they want. What began as a competition to seek out the best high school fighter soon reveals itself to be part of a much greater plot that goes beyond Mori's wildest imagination. What will he give to become a true god?

If you enjoy webtoons such as Tower of God, or Solo Leveling then check out this webtoon. The artwork is exceptional! The art style does an outstanding job depicting action and letting scenes lead your eye through the page. My only issue with this webtoon is the overload of information and the writing style in certain sections of the webtoon. However, this a great webtoon you should check out!

The Remarried Empress by Alphatart and Sumpul

  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Navier Ellie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way -- intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. “I accept this divorce… And I request an approval of my remarriage.” In a shocking twist, Navier remarries another emperor and retains her title and childhood dream as empress. But just how did everything unfold?

Ok, so here we go. This webtoon pisses me off to the max! The main female character is a strong, independent woman who is married to an incompetent cheating bastard. Although this webtoon angers me I can't help but keep reading it. The main characters are well developed, and the art is beautiful. You can't help want to know what happens next. Navier never strays from being the elegant and strong woman she is. If you want to read drama filled, anger inducing webtoon then check it out.

My Dear Cold-Blooded King by lifelight

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Action

Born a humble peasant, Kihara Mei has lived simply day by day as a merchant in the capitol, and never assumed things would change. But, one fateful day would change the course of her life, when faced with a deadly challenge against dangerous royal assassins. Now, with the eyes of the dreaded Blood King upon her, her life of simplicity would now become a tangled web of secrecy, deceit, and desire.

Not only is the story good, the characters are hot as fuck!! I have never simped over characters so hard as when I started this webtoon. This webtoon is absolutely gorgeous. Not only that, the main character, Mei a badass female that needs no man! The art work draws you in but you stay for the story and character development. This is an action and drama filled webtoon that will leaves you craving for more.

Your Throne by SAM

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama

Tensions are brewing under the seemingly calm surface of the Vasilios Empire, a kingdom ruled by the Imperial Family and the Temple. Lady Medea Solon has lost her place next to Crown Prince Eros but resolves to do whatever it will take to win back what's rightfully hers. Will she reclaim her throne?

You want a pair badass females protagonist you can read; then Your Throne is the story for you. This webtoon is filled with betrayal, deception, and revenge. You will not be able to put it down once you start! You are probably thinking this is your typical royalty-revenge story cliché,” but once you start this webtoon those presumptions will quickly be written off. Medea isn’t your typical female lead who seeks petty revenge, instead we meet a fighter, an intellect and lady. You will not be disappointed once you start this webtoon.

Let’s Play by Mongie

  • Genre: Romance, Drama

Sam a young, single and about to achieve her dream of creating incredible videogames. But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse she finds out that same troublesome critic is now her new neighbor! A funny, sexy and all-too-real story about gaming, memes and social anxiety. Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.

If you like video games like MMO games or animes that have an MMO feeling, then check out this webtoon. Even if you enjoy spectating streamers then you will like this webtoon. The main character, Sam is a young game developer who has hit a rut. Extremely shy and lacking social skills her self-esteem tanks when her game gets negative reviews. This is a wonderful webtoon of self-love and gaming.

Odd Girl Out by Morangji

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life

After a successful winter break makeover, Nari is finally ready for her high school debut. But somehow, she ends up friends with the three prettiest girls in school! Follow Nari as she tries to navigate her brand-new high school life surrounded by beauties.

All I can say about this webtoon is give it a chance. The soft watercolor schemes give this webtoon a lighthearted feeling. The facial expressions and exaggerated actions from the characters make me crack up. This is a great comedy webtoon. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

Nice to Meet You by Wishroomness

TW: Sexual Assault

  • Genre: Romance, School Life, Drama

A ditsy university student Mew finds a lost student card. Instead of doing the sensible thing, Mew decides to let fate take the wheel and try something silly. Little did she know, she would be confronting the owner of the card, Daze who has some things to say about what she did. Did Mew make the biggest mistake of her life? or the best decision of her life? Follow these two adorable goofballs to find out!

This is a webtoon I started because the cover art was appealing. Little did I know I was going to be hooked to this webtoon. It a cute romance story of young love. The art is what really attracted me to it. The usage of soft color pallets with a solid outline makes the webtoon stand out. The art style gives you the feeling as if you are sunbathing in a field of sunflowers. It is a happy go lucky webtoon. If you want to start a warm and fuzzy webtoon then this is the one for you.

Eleceed by Jeho Son and ZHENA

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy

Jiwoo is a kind-hearted young man who harnesses the lightning quick reflexes of a cat to secretly make the world a better place – one saved little child or foster pet at a time. Kayden is a secret agent on the run, who finds himself stuck in the body of a…um…decidedly fat old fluffy cat. Together, armed with Jiwoo’s superpowers and Kayden’s uber-smarts, they’re out to fight those forces who would let evil rule this world. That is, if they can stand each other long enough to get the job done.

Eleceed is written by creator of Noblesse and illustrated by ZHENA who worked on Girls of the Wild’s. If you follow my blog, you already know I love Noblesse with all my heart!! So, when the author of Noblesse came out with a new webtoon of course I had to read it. This webtoon lives up to my expectations and gives so much more. The main character Jiwoo, is too wholesome and pure. You can’t help but love him! This webtoon is full of action and heartfelt moments. One of the best feature is the fat cat!! Who doesn’t love fat cats!! I read this webtoon every week without fail. Go check it out as soon as you can!!

I Love Yoo by Quimchee

  • Genre: Drama, School-Life

Dogged by pain and misfortune from the very beginning, Shin-Ae decides she wants nothing to do with people nor anything to do with romance. Although content with her unsocial, boring, loveless existence, her lifestyle is challenged after she ruins an unsuspecting strangers' clothes.

This another series I enjoy from the bottom of my heart. The main character Shin-Ae is very relatable and funny. The story is interesting and fun. However, what gets me is the art style. The way the author draws facial expressions and the reactions of the characters is hilarious. You won’t be upset if you start this webtoon. It is currently on pause you could binge read the entire series.

Tower of God by SIU

  • Genre: Action, Fantasy,

What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever you desire—it's here.

This has to be one of my favorite webtoons!! I have been following the series for years. I enjoyed the anime and followed it closely. It is full of well-rounded characters and has a dynamic storyline. The art style is beautiful! You just have to check out this webtoon!

Honorable Mentions

  • Cursed Princess Club

  • Midnight Poppy Land

  • Stalker x Stalker

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