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My Two Cents on My Hero Academia

"People are not born heroes or villains; they’re created by the people around them" -Chris Colfer

After friends and family recommending this anime to me, I finally decided to give My Hero Academia an honest try. After binge watching majority of the series, and leaving off at Season 5, episode 98. I feel like I’m qualified enough to give my opinion. Remember this just my two cents, so don’t come after me.

In all honesty, it was really hard to get into. Season 1 started off really slow and the main character was really hard to like. I didn’t start to enjoy the show until after episode 8 in season 1. I ignored my rule of thumb 5 episodes to watch or drop. However, my sister kept telling me it would get better and eventually it did. I’m going to break down my thoughts by seasons.

Season 1

This season was like pulling teeth for me. The main character, Deku made it so hard for me to watch. I couldn’t connect to him on an emotional level, because of his excessive crying. The introduction to the characters and the setting/world was straight and easy to understand. I wanted to connect with Deku. I understood that they made Deku weak in order to pass on All Mighty’s power. I was also able to see Deku’s struggle in order to achieve his dream of becoming a hero. In regard to his development alongside his teammates, I truly enjoyed the character developments to achieve their goals. It was refreshing to see the main character struggle to become strong. But the constant crying made it difficult to take it seriously. The introduction to League of Villains made it the story much more interesting. Setting up season 2 perfectly!

Season 2

In season 2, we watch the sports festival were the students show cases their powers to gain an internship. As we watch the first half of season, we are able to get a better understanding of their powers and how to they use/control it. The internship helps provide an opportunity for the students to widen their connections and see how pro heroes’ work. This series was interesting in how the characters worked together and showed their powers. The first of series, I was able to see the abilities, determination, and goals of the students. The Bakugo vs. Uraraka is a clear example of these characteristics. After the sports festival, we move into the internships.

As for the internship, we also get a better understanding of All Might and Deku since Gran Torino mentored both of them. The internship arc provides a better understanding how the hero system works. Moreover, we are able to see the development in the League of Villains with the fight and capture of the villain Stain. We see development in both regard to the heroes and the villains. We how the students/heroes handle the situation in order to protect the citizens. On the side, we see how some are inspired by Stains philosophy. I truly enjoyed see this interaction in the series. It made me question the concept what is a hero? Is it a profession instead of an honor? These so-called heroes, wear their uniform like it is an 8-5 job, instead of a duty to protect. Some do it for fame, money, ect. This interaction reminded me of Uraraka, who decided to become a hero because her family struggles to make a living. Not because she felt a sense of justice. This scene made me wonder how many heroes thought this way. In my opinion, Stain is a vigilante attacking the heroes who are fake and only seek fame to prove his point. Another reason why, I enjoyed this interaction was on how he inspired other villains to raise to the top. He spoke about the darkness of the hero system, the discrimination and prejudice of the powers.

Once Stain was arrested, we move to the final exams. During this time, we see Bakugo and Deku’s relationship more in-depth. We see how and why Bakugo feels the way he does about Deku. We are both aware that they admire All Might, however, Bakugo seems to have a vendetta towards him. Deku, who has always been weaker, he admired his friend Bakugo. However, I believe Bakugo has always admired Deku’s unyielding faith in heroes and his friends. We are able to get a glimpse of their turbulent relationships. I personally found their relationship annoying. Bakugo is abusive and Deku is a bit much with his positive attitude. I have no problem with an underdog raising themselves to become better. There personalities are a lot. The series so far is a 6 out of 10 for me.

Season 3

This has to be my favorite season. We see the students hone their abilities and create a better understanding of their powers. It is action packed and full of character development. We see sacrifices that must be. The trauma of not being able save everyone, the loss of a legend. The kidnapping of Bakugo by the League of Villains was a catalyst to mature the characters in different ways. Their determinations and their bonds are put to the test. We are able to see All Might fight until the brink of his ability inspiring those around him. Once, everything with the League of Villains is wrapped up, we move to the hero licenses. We watch as the students are put in different scenarios to rescue and protect the people. Most of the students, get a taste of what it is like to be a hero in different aspect beside fighting villains. I also enjoyed the fight between Bakugo and Deku. This fight was epic. They laid everything they had on the lines. This was one of the best part in the series. We bear witness to their relationship in raw state and develop into something better. Bakugo in his own way gets a better understanding of Deku as a person. As for Deku, he is able to tell Bakugo everything he’s wanted to say to him. I feel that their relationship has developed for the better. This season really raised my hopes.

Season 4

This season was really good as well. I enjoyed how they introduced a new set of villains and characters made it even more enjoyable. Eri is so cute! The introduction of the quirk destroying bullet was a great twist and interesting development. The clash between Overhaul and the League of Villains help propelled the season forward. The anger the League of Villains feels for getting one of their own killed set up the betrayal perfectly to assist the heroes. Moreover, their comradery is strengthen in this arc. We also see the top 3 students at UA and how the others can learn from them. although, we see a loss of a fantastic hero because of the quirk destroying bullet, we see what it means to be a hero. This season highlighted many of the characters in different aspects and how they have matured through out the series. After finishing this series, I have rated it a 7.5/10. You may be asking why? Even though, the story is good and the characters as charismatic, I have not connected to them on an emotional level. I enjoy the series, but it is a back-burner anime for me.

* Still watching season 5

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