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Rina's Review: Romantic Killer


In this series we follow Anzu Hoshino who has no interest in romance, but the universe has other plans. Anzu’s normal life gets turned upside down when a magical wizard named Riri turns Anzu’s life into an otome game. Anzu swearing off all romance, will become an anti-heroine. Will Anzu achieve her goal, or will she fall in love?


Now this anime was a breath of fresh air with the 2022 fall anime releases. When anime like Bleach: Blood Arc, Spy X Family and Chainsaw Man were released anime likes these are set on the back burner. Romantic Killer is a fun and entertaining romcom anime release. The characters in this series are what drives the show. I absolutely love the facial expressions the characters make. The interactions between the Anzu and Riri are the best throughout the series.

Although there are some common romance tropes, the series wasn’t overbearing. This show had me laughing out loud. The show gets you invested after the 2nd episode. The sceneries Anzu is put in are funny, but the story goes deeper then the causal romance tropes. We get to see her care for her friends and the lengths she is willing to go.

Furthermore, the animation is well done and the Ost if good as well. For a Netflix anime it hits all the marks in a well-made romcom. All in all, this is a great series to watch if you need a break from all the shounen anime

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