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5 Awesome Anime Moms

In the anime world we see all kinds of families but here are some of my favorite mothers. I wouldn't mind having a mother like them.

5. Eva

  • Anime: Ascendance of a Bookworm

Eva is a good-natured and hard-working woman. Effa is a loving wife to Gunther and caring mother to Tuuli and Myne. She is a hard-working seamstress that has earned her the respect of her neighbors downtown. Eva cares deeply for her family especially, Myne who has poor health. Having a sickly daughter Eva has proven to be a strong woman emotionally as she handles her daughter’s illness and shoulders the household affairs. Eva is a supporting mother to her daughters as they strive to live and work.

4. Kyoko Honda

  • Anime: Fruit Baskets

Kyoko is a loving and supportive mother to Tohru. Kyoko was a troubled teen but when she met her future husband Katsuya Honda, her life turned for the better. However, Kyoko’s happiness didn’t last long. Her husband passed away leaving her as a young single mother. However, Kyoko became a supportive, hardworking, doting, patient, loving, and gentle mother seen in Tohru's flashbacks

3. Inko Midoriya

  • Anime: My Hero Academia

Inko is a supporting and endearing mother that loves her son Izuku Midoriya. She supports her child’s dream by supporting his decisions. Although she tends to be anxious and tends to overreact a bit, she does her best to be a good mother to her son. When it was discovered, her son was quirkless, she did her best to be there for him. Inko in my book is a great mother who would do anything to make her child happy. As a kind and supportive mother, Inko is a great mother.

2. Sachiko Fujinuma

  • Anime: Erased

Sachiko is one of my favorite mothers in the anime world. She is a strict but kind mother. She is rather perceptive and sarcastic towards her son providing for some great comedic relief. She does her best to raise her son to the best of her abilities. Through out the series you see how she trust her sons with his decisions and is there when for him when he needs him. This is one of my favorite parent/ child duo.


  • Anime: One Piece

Bell-mere was a brave Navy soldier, who adopted Nojiko and Nami when they were young girls. I admire Bell-mere as a mother who was willing to do anything for girls, even put her life on the line for them. She tried her best to give the girls everything she needed. Even though they didn’t always see eye to eye they still loved each other. She was a great mother to her children.

Honorable Mention

  • Clara Magnolia- Violet Evergarden

  • Sanae Furukawa- Clannad

  • Ruka Rengoku- Demon Slayer

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