The Do’s and Don’ts for Anime Conventions

Now that conventions are slowly returning. It is time to go over the do's and don'ts of attending an anime convention. A friendly reminder on how to enjoy the convention.

The Do’s

Do make an itinerary/plan

  • When going to a convention it can be a little overwhelming especially if it is your first time going to a convention. Most anime conventions have a catalog with time slot showing different events. Make sure you plan accordingly to be able to see everything you want. Especially some events with be occurring at the same time. Account for long lines and limited seating

Be respect fellow cosplayers/ con goers

  • Remember everyone is here to have a fun time. So least be respectful to the staff, con goers and property. You don’t want to be kicked out. I have seen a few people have their passes taken and be banned from reentering because of their behavior. Conventions are family friendly event and we should be considerate of those around us.

Bring a backpack

  • Make sure you bring a bag to carry the essentials and the items you purchase.

Bring Id

  • There are some events that are 18+ or 21+ and ID is required.

Remember to hydrate and eat

  • As a veteran con goer, it is expensive to buy food or drinks from the conventions. It is easier to bring outside food or drinks. Just double check the cons rules about food and drinks. Remember no alcoholic beverages!

Bring a pair of comfortable shoes

  • There is a lot of walking and standing in line when going to a conventions and it best to have shoes that are comfortable.

Keep your phone charged and bring a phone bank

  • It is important to have your phone charged to be able to communicate with your friends, knowing your location and so you don’t get bored waiting in line

Do Cosplay

  • If you cosplay please remember that conventions are family friendly so try no to wear something too proactive and promiscuous because staff will say something.

  • If you have props make sure they are registered and they do not disturb other con goers if it is really large (Wings, weapons, etc.)

Stay aware of your surroundings

  • In every group there are some bad seeds. Make sure when you are in crowded area you have your bags zipped and your valuables are not easily accessible.

  • Make sure people do not touch you without your consent!!

The Don’ts

Committing any offenses or infractions can result in removal from the anime conventions and ban. Trust me I've seen it happen!

  • Don’t Disrespect Staff or fellow con goers

  • Don’t touch cosplayers without consent!

  • Don’t take pictures without permission

  • No Outside Alcohol on the premises

  • Don’t walk around at night alone

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