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WTF!? Am I doing with my Life? Anime Edition

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Disclaimer: Some of the anime is rated M for Mature!

These are some of the most bizarre animes I have seen. They have made me laugh, cringe and question myself. They make me wonder why they were made and how they were okayed? Only watch these series, if you are brave enough.

Midori Days

  • 1 Season, 13 Episodes, Rated: M

  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Ecchi, Shounen

Seiji the infamous "The Mad Dog” has been rejected 20 times straight, he half-jokingly vows to finish high school with his right hand for a girlfriend. However, that foolish joke has become a reality. What will Seiji do now that his right hand has become a girl?

In this series, we follow a delinquent whose hand has become a girl. As strange as this anime sounds, it is actually really good. The art in this series is a bit nostalgic since it was released in 2009. We have the big anime eyes and long appendages. This anime encompasses a bit of everything, comedy, romance, and a bit of action. The animation and voice acting are good for its time. The characters in this series are what makes this anime for me. Their reactions to the situations are believable and understandable. The characters are charismatic and cute. The way their relationship progresses is interesting and slowly and steadily. Even though, this anime is odd it is really good.

Mysterious Girlfriend X

  • 1 Season, 13 Episodes, Rated: M

  • Genres: Romance, School, Seinen

Every girl is a mystery when you're a 16-year-old boy, but Mikoto Urabe is in another league. But when Tsubaki Akira alluring and on a whim to taste a drop of her drool while Urabe sleeps. They create an unusual bond.

When I started this anime, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I did feel a little uncomfortable after watching the first 2 episodes, yet I stayed. I don’t regret watching this anime. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the series. It is an interesting anime with a unique twist on sexual awakening and navigating relationships. We watch as our protagonist figure out themselves and their relationship. Furthermore, the character design is different from what you would expect from a 2012 anime. This anime has a late 80s and early 90s style making it nostalgic and stand out. Overall, this is a weird but good anime.

The Qwaser of Stigmata

Trigger Warning: Sensitive Topics (Rape, assault, ect.)

  • 2 Seasons, 24 Episodes,1 Special, 1 OVA, Rated: M

  • Genres: Action, Supernatural, Ecchi, Seinen

As Tomo and her sister Mafuyu Oribe head home after being tormented at school since the disappearance of the former headmaster of Saint Mikhailov Academy. However, that all changes when a silver-haired boy, who can control iron enter their lives. Thrusted into life and death situations, the girl’s lives are changed forever.

This series is boobs and power up by breast milk. Yes, you heard me, power up through breast milk. Underneath all, the ecchi, boobs and breast milk this series is actually pretty good. This is a series that will make many viewers turn the other way after a couple of episodes. We have a battle between evil qwasers and our protagonists. The characters are entertaining and quirky. The art is pretty and seamless. Overall, this is an ecchi harem with not of plot but alot of boobies.


  • 1 Season, 12 Episodes, Rated: M

  • Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, School Life

With the introduction of strict new morality laws, Japan has become a nation cleansed of all that is obscene and impure. By monitoring citizens using special devices worn around their necks, authorities have taken extreme measures to ensure that society remains chaste. Tanukichi Okuma—son of an infamous terrorist who opposed the chastity laws. The vice president Ayame Kajou has a secret identity: Blue Snow, a masked criminal dedicated to spreading lewd material amongst the sheltered public. What will happen when these two meets?

If you do not like sexual jokes or inappropriate jokes, then this is not for you. This anime runs on sex jokes. This was a fun anime to watch if you enjoy middle school level sex jokes. The story involves terrorists or assaults in the form of parodies although recurring tropes which can quickly grow old. The characters do not have any character development or depth because the series is more focused on abolishing censorship. However, I will say that the characters are entertaining to watch especially with how over exaggerated and complicated their schemes can get into.

Sekko Boys

  • 1 Season, 12 Episodes, Rated: PG

  • Genres: Music, Comedy

It’s Miki Ishimoto her first day at Holbein Entertainment Co., and she is tasked with managing a brand-new idol group! A recent college graduate, Ishimoto is eager to begin her career in the industry. However, how will she handle the idol group?!

This was a unique take on the idol genre. Majority of anime viewers have seen an idol anime. We have the traditional idol group trying to become the best. However, Sekko Boys, takes the formula and add some spice. We have a manger in charge of an idol group, but that idol group are statue bust. Not just any statue bust but famous Greek statues. Very different but not bad. This is a cute and light-hearted anime. It is slow paced and the interactions between the manger and the busts are funny. What I really enjoyed from this series is the contrasting design styles. we have the usual animated characters and then we have some realistic looking Greek busts. However, for an idol anime there is hardly any singing. Overall, this is for those who are in the mood of some bizarre change.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

  • 1 Season, 76 Episodes, Rated: PG

  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen

In a futuristic world, the Maruhage Empire is a militant organization out to steal everyone's hair, and thus their freedom. But a brave man with an afro of gold and nose hairs of steel stands up against their tyranny.

This is series many of you have probably never heard of. I remember watching this series on tv early in the morning on the weekends. This show was released in the early 2000s. The story is simple and fun. It moves at a good pace. It's the kind of show you can put on hold for a while without worrying about anything. What makes this series are the characters. Their outrageous and ridiculous actions just make you laugh. Don’t judge a book by its cover or strange character design. Just check it out and enjoy.

Honorable Mention

  • Strange+

  • Punchline

  • Twitter War

  • Twintail Fetish

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