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Tower of God Summary Episodes 1 & 2

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Tower of God is a South Korean webtoon created by Lee Jong-hui, also known by the pen-name SIU (Slave. In. Utero). SIU published Tower of God in 2010 as the first story in the "Talse Uzer" universe. The adaptation of the webtoon into an anime series is innovative for both the webtoon community and the anime industry. The animated series on Crunchyroll will bring a new wave of fans to the webtoon and fans of the webtoon will flock to see the adaption. The anime series is highly anticipated and has lived up to its expectations so far.

*Links provided for Webtoon and Crunchyroll Original*

Episode 1 Review

For those unfamiliar with the webtoon, Bam, a young boy, follows his friend Rachel into a mysterious tower where your desires are granted. After entering the tower, Bam gets separated from Rachel and comes face to face with Headon, the guardian of the first floor. Headon explains that you must take a test to climb the tower. Bam learns he must complete these challenges at each floor of the tower if he is to find Rachel. Headon shows Bam his first challenge: to destroy a steel ball protected by a giant, monstrous eel. Here is where Yuri Zahard and Evan Edrok are introduced, who stop Bam from entering the cage. It at this time we learn that Bam is an irregular: an outsider who’s entered the tower by opening the gates on their own. Yuri presents Bam with an infamous and powerful sword, Black March. The sword is only bestowed and wielded by Princesses of Jahad.* Armed, Bam is ready to take the challenge and continue his climb of the tower.

*Will be explained further in the anime for those who do not read the webtoon.

Episode 2 Review

Episode 2 fast forwards to Bam competing to complete the challenge on the second floor. Bam is thrown into a battle to the death, where the contestants fight for the right to advance to the next floor of the tower. Bam is introduced to two interesting characters, Khun and Rak. The viewer quickly learns that Khun is observant and intelligent. Khun notices that Bam has acquired the Black March, the sword only given to the Princesses of Jahad. Intrigued by this, Khun decides to align himself with Bam. As the battles rages on, the rules of the test are abruptly changed. The remaining two hundred contestants must create a three-member team within five minutes or be eliminated. With some quick thinking Bam and Khun jump on Rak forcing him into a team and successfully moving to the next stage of the test.

The successful contestants are brought to Evankhell’s Mothership, where they meet Lero Ro, a Test Administrator and Ranker. A ranker is an individual who has successfully conquered the Tower. Lero Ro determines that there are too many contestants and begins the culling process. He washes the contestants away with Shinsu (Divine Water) and creates a wall of Shinsu. Shinsu is an essence found within the Tower. It varies in concentration on each floor; the lower floors, Shinsu is inconspicuous like air. However, on higher floors, Shinsu increases in power and concentration, becoming dense and flowing like water. The only contestant not washed away by the Shinsu is Bam. Lero takes interest in Bam and invites him to sit with him. Lero strikes up a conversation with Bam, proposes that they play a game; where they guess who will pass through the wall of Shinsu first. Scanning the contestants, they chose the same individual. Now even more fascinated with Bam, Lero allows Bam to ask him any question. Bam proceeds to ask about Rachel and what irregulars are, while hiding the fact that Bam is an irregular. Here we learn about the structure of the Tower and what it means to be chosen. The episode ends with both of Bam’s teammates being able to pass the wall of Shinsu, successfully moving to the third test.

Overall, episodes 1 and 2 of Tower of God were well executed with its beautiful art and ability to immerse the viewer into the story. Tower of God has demonstrated its potential to draw in viewers and build up excitement for the upcoming episodes.


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