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Tower of God episodes 7&8

Tower of God Episodes 7 & 8

Episode 7 reveals more about Jahad and the princesses. Jahad, King of the Tower, was the first man to climb the tower and build life inside the tower. He granted “boon” (blood) to some women in the tower, later to be called the Princesses of Jahad. By granting them this power, the women were forbidden from bearing children or have intercourse; for fear of this power spreading. Knowing the consequences, Anaak’s mother breaks the King’s rules by falling in love with a nameless man and having Anaak. Inheriting the power of Jahad, Anaak represents the betrayal and treason her mother committed. Endrossi frustrated and jealous of Anaak having inherited Jahad’s power criticizes Anaak, “As someone who's never experienced hardship, you wouldn't understand.” Enraging Anaak, they continue their battle, but it ultimately ends with both falling off the platform. As they lay at bottom injured, Endrossi asks Anaak, if her mother regretted her decision. Anaak says probably not.

Having concluded Endrossi and Anaak’s battle, we shift to Bam’s Shinsu training. Although, lacking in control Bam has potential as a Shinsu user. During this training, we Hoh and Bam’s relationship change. As Hoh becomes jealous of Bam natural ability, we can only wait to see how this affects their relationship.

We also see how Bam’s soft and kind nature attracts people to his side. This becomes apparent when he helps Shibisu and Hatz finish their friend making list. The viewers also see how Khun is easily swayed by Bam, and eventually helps them create a plan. By aiding the injured Endrossi and Anaak with bring them food, they can complete the task. As the viewers we, see a new side of Endrossi as she confronts Rachel in the bathroom about Bam. Endrossi leaves a subtle warning to Rachel, “I hope whatever you’re seeking at the top of the tower is worth more than him.” This small encounter provides insight to both women’s character, Rachel’s distant and cold demeanor to her Bam the people around her and Endrossi’s softer side as she concerned for Bam.

Moving away from everyone’s training, we shift the fourth test. The remaining 28 contestant that have yet to pass must participate in the fourth test, a game of tag. In this game the contestants will be divided into two teams. Each team has a member that is “it.” One is chosen from the Fishermen and the other is chosen by the director: A Ranker. The goal of this test is to have the teams “it” reaches the designated goal or steal the Rankers badge. Khun and Bam being placed in different teams and Bam in the same group as Rachel. We can only wait and see what the next episode brings us.

Episode 8

In episode 8, we get to see how truly intelligent Khun is as he tests his strategy against the power of a Ranker. Ranker Quant a strong opponent thwarting Khun’s original plan to capture the Ranker’s badge. Activating plan B, he has Anaak run to the exit while having the rest of the team delay the Ranker. The plan although works in theory the participates underestimate the strength of the Ranker. Having met on the bridge, Khun tries to convince Quant that Anaak has jumped off the bridge but she is hiding atop Khun’s lighthouse. This plan does not work against the Quant since he can sense the Shinsu radiating from the lighthouse. Grabbing Khun by the wrist Quant jumps off bridge dragging Khun with him. Khun is rescued by Anaak’s weapon pulling him up to safety as Quant reaches the bottom of the room. Anaak makes a break for the exit believing their team has won. However, Quant appears in front of the exit taking Anaak’s badge, defeating Team A. Back in the lounge, Khun blames himself for the team lost. However, his teammates try to cheer him up. Unknown to the rest of team, Khun’s real plan was to make sure his friends on team A and B to win and pass to the test; having sacrificed teammates in the process.

Team A failing the test, it is now Team Bs’ turn to participate in the game of tag. Unlike team A, were the participates agreed on a team leader, Team B seems to be having a difficult time agreeing. Endrossi steps up with a plan and as a leader. As Team B, begins we see Endrossi attack her own teammate. What does this mean for team B? What about Bam and Rachel.

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