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Tower of God Episodes 3 & 4

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In this week’s episode 3, we see a bit of change in the development of the storytelling provided by Telecom Animation Film. Previously, the animation company had adapted six chapters each to produce episodes 1 and 2. However, in this episode the animation company chose to adapt five chapters (chpts 11-15). By doing so, it has slowed down the pace of the storytelling, as well as allowing the content of the manhwa to seep in and the viewers to digest the information.

Episode 3 is a unique episode, instead of concentrating on Bam the episode tackles the psyche of Khun. It is hinted in the beginning of the episode that Khun has a traumatic past. How does this affect his relationship with Bam? How will Khun change after meeting Bam? What will their relationship be? Will this affect Bam and Khun’s goals for climbing the tower? What revelations will the protagonists face and how will it deepen their understanding between them? These are just some of the question’s episode 3 addresses. Throughout the episode, the viewer will gain some insight to Khun and a little bit of foreshowing in his character development.

During this episode, we see Bam, Khun, and Rak face new challenges as they enter a new floor. Hearing the screams of previous contestants our protagonists are unsure what awaits them behind closed doors. Yu Hansung, the admin for floor 3, creates a mind game in which contestants must choose a door within the allotted time but there is a catch. As our protagonists wait for their turn to enter, they are approached by another contestant who offers them a hint to the winning the test. “Every team that hasn’t screamed so far has passed the test within five minutes.” Bam who is still innocent and naive believes the contestant. It is Khun who is wary of this contestant’s information. It is then the contestant makes a jab at Khun’s traumatic past (revealed in the first ~3 mins of the anime). Khun is shocked by this and threatens the contestant but he lets him go. It is then our protagonists turn to enter the testing area where he encounters Yu Hansung. Khun wonders what Yu is doing as admin for the Evankhell floor? raising more questions about Khun’s past and his connection to Yu. Khun is known to be a calm and collected person but the aggression he showed to the other contestant suggests there is more to him than meets the eye.

Yu informs the group of the rules for completing the test: choosing a door within the allotted time. As the test begins, Khun becomes more tense as his memories flash back and forth between the past and present. His traumatic experience with “Maria” has caused him to be wary of others and less trusting. As the scene continues, Khun becomes more frustrated and unnerved in his thoughts as time ticks away. It is then when Rak kicks open a door before the time reaches five minutes. Yu congratulates the team for passing, stating the condition for passing the test is to open any door within five minutes. Unsatisfied with this win Khun asks what this test measures. Yu says, “the world won’t wait for your certainty,” hinting to Khun’s inability to trust others because of the trauma from his past. Yu further states that Khun will need companions who will open doors without hesitation, implying that Khun must learn to trust again if he is continuing to climb the tower.

After clearing Yu’s test, Lero Ro announces a bonus test: A Crown Game. The bonus game provides the contestant with an unbelievable chance to progress in the tower rather quickly. The rules of the bonus test are simple, the team that holds the crown at the last moment wins the game. Anaak’s team is one of the first contestants to participate in the game. Anaak has an overwhelming amount of power and her arrogant personality is conveyed very well. The episode ends with Anaak sitting upon the thrown to await new challengers.

Episode 4

In comparison to last week’s episode where it focused the viewers on Khun’s psyche and Anaak’s overpowering abilities; episode 4 steers a different direction. Similarly, to episode 3, this episode covers fewer chapters in comparison to the first couple episodes (chpts 16-22). However, this episode does skip over quite a bit in the chapters. The anime does a great job of condensing the information to produce episode 4. However, fans of the webtoon may be upset about lack of explanation and detail regarding the characters. In my opinion, the bite sized information provided is great for the anime viewers who are just starting the series. Moreover, the anime provides a great blend of action-packed fight scenes and comedic relief through Shibisu’s outburst to the chibi art. Blending these two forms it provides the anime with a light-hearted atmosphere in a serious setting.

For example, Lauroe uses Shinsu to attack Anaak but his teammates Serena and Ro drag him away. As Lauroe’s team retreats, Anaak heads to Bam’s room where she can feel the presence of the Black March. Here we learn that Anaak is a daughter of Jahad, like Yuri from the first episode, and Anaak wields the weapon the Green April; the sister weapon to Black March. Anaak makes a bet with Bam for ownership of the Black March. Accepting the bet, the team proceeds to compete in the crown game. This is when the viewer gets a taste for Khun’s abilities and calculative mind.

Episode 4 does not disappoint the viewer. We are introduced to new character dynamics as well as notable characters such as, Rachel and her teammates. We are left with anticipation for the next episode.

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