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Tower of God Episodes 11 & 12

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Episodes 11

As season of Tower of God is coming to its end, we get the final test, the Underwater Hunt. As Bam has passed the administrator’s test the final test will require Bam and Rachel to become “fish” and be hunted by the dolphin net. Dolphin seal-like creature hunt once a day for their Queen. Inside the net Rachel and Bam will be placed inside the net in a Shinsu bubble. The way to pass the test is by being eaten and regurgitated onto dryland. The others will oversee Bam and Rachel protection as well as taking care of the obstacles that can prevent them from reaching dryland. As team gets into their positions Lo Po Bia Ren makes his moves.

As Anaak, Endrossi and Shibisu are scouting the Bull attacks them. Endrossi and Anaak place a bet to see who can defeat the Bull within 5 minutes. As Endrossi and Anaak follow the Bull they get separated. As Endrossi encounters the Bull she fights it on her own only to get captured. Anaak meets Lo Po who show Anaak her mothers’ necklace. As they fight, Lo Po out matches Anaak stabbing her in the chest and taking the Green April. Lo Po reveals that the Underwater Hunt was created to take of Anaak. We also learn that he is controlling the Bull as brings Endrossi to Anaak. Lo Po gives Endrossi the chance to redeem herself as a Princess of Jahad by killing Anaak. Anaak existence is considered a threat to the Tower and a betrayal to Jahad. What will Endrossi do? Will she save Anaak or kill her? We can only wait and see what the next episode brings.

Episode 12

Episode 11 kept us at the edge of our seats, episode 12 threw us through a loop. As Endrossi and Anaak face of Lo Po. Shibisu encounters Princess Yuri as he is searching for Anaak and Endrossi. As Lo Po’s overpowers Anaak and Endrossi almost killing them Yuri arrives to save her sisters. Yuri retrieves both the Black March and Green April. Lo Po surprised by Yuri’s encounter ask her to kill the traitors but when she refuses, Lo Po attacks her. Yuri easily defeats Lo Po but before she can kill Lo Po Ethan(her guide) warns her not too. Frustrated orders her hammer-wielding companion to kill Lo Po. He easily flattens Lo Po but before his death Lo Po sent the Bull after Bam. For he can not allow the irregular to live in the tower.

As the Bull attacks Rachel and Bam in the Shinsu bubble he tries attacking him but is unable to land direct hits. As we saw in the first episode, Bam allows himself to get eaten and attacks the Bull from inside. After defeating the Bull, Bam promises that he will take up the Tower. A shocking turn of events, Rachel betrays Bam by pushing him out the Shinsu bubble. She not only betrayed Bam but everyone else. We can only wait and see what the season finally brings us.

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