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Tower of God : Episode 9 & 10

Episode 9

In the last episode of Tower of God, Endrossi attacks her teammates. Bam confused on why she is betraying her teammates, we dive into Endrossi’s past. In order to produce a Princess of Jahad a fallen Nobel family adopted young talented girls forcing them to compete against each other. Their ranking in these matches determined how they were treated. Endrossi tells Bam that she has forgotten the taste of cold stale bread because you cannot be afraid of hurting other. This what it means to climb the tower and to get what you want. Bam tries to reason with her saying that he cannot betray or hurt his friends. He even tries to protect Endrossi by using his body as a shield. Endrossi frustrated with how Bam is willing to sacrifice himself for Rachel yells that Rachel does not want his protection. Bam is aware of this but is willing to do it anyways.

Moving away from Endrossi and Bam, we see Hoh and Rachel interaction. Hoh who has become filled with jealousy and anger towards Bam attacks Rachel. Revealing his plan, to kill Rachel making Bam abandon his quest up the Tower. However, his plans suddenly go astray when Quant and Bam show up. Hoh threats Bam with Rachel at knife point saying he must defeat Quant. The ranker being too strong freezes Bam movements with Shinsu. Rachel tries to free herself from Hoh but gets stabbed in the back. Worried and scared for Rachel Bam can move again and copying the ranker technique in freezing Hoh. Hoh overcome with guilt and sadness shocks the audience by taking his own life. As the injured Rachel and Hoh’s lifeless body lay on the floor waiting for the test to end. Despite the tense and somber atmosphere, Bam and Endrossi attack Quant. Quant believing he has taken Endrossi’s badge, with a defeated look Endrossi approaches Quant tricking him and stealing his badge. Quant, left holding Endrossi’s panties disguised as the badge. Declaring Team B as the winner.

Episode 10

Episode 10 picks up immediate after the “Tag” test. Hoh’s dead body being taken away and Rachel being wheeled away as Bam runs after her. Rachel being paralyzed from the waist down; Bam reaches out to his friends. Amidst this somber atmosphere Rak is comedically miniaturized. Bam asks his friends for their strength to continue climbing the tower for Rachel’s sake. Having agreed, Bam ask them to join him for Hoh’s funeral. As Bam extends invitations to his fellow contestants they gather to drink in remembrance of Hoh. During this wake it ever so clear of the everyone’s intentions on climbing the tower. It also highlights Rachels’ And Bam’s relationship with each other and the other contestants. As for Bam and Rachel’s relationship, it becomes clear on how Rachel view Bam. Rachel tells Bam that she abandoned him for her desires. How weak and annoying he was following her around. She is no longer the Rachel he loves. Rachel says it okay for Bam to abandon her too. He doesn’t need her anymore. Bam tries to console Rachel. Bam is someone people gather around while Rachel is left alone.

As the wake comes to a close, we see Khun at door of the Ranker Lero Ro. As Lero Ro approaches the director the next day, he recollects the discussion he had with Khun. Khun brings Lero Ro the note Hoh had, accusing the test administer to behind this. Lero Ro unconvinced by this accusation says a participate could have given Hoh the note. Khun refutes him by saying that Hoh received this note before they were split into groups therefore only an administrator could have given Hoh the note. Since the administrators are the ones who know who will be on teams. As viewers we are left with a set of uneasiness and mystery on who set this trap up.

Moreover, we the views also become aware that Yuga, the Wave Controller Professor is actually one of Jahad’s Royal Enforcers unit #67 Lo Po Bia Ren. His job is to eliminate Anaak and retrieve the Green April and Black March. Director Yu exposing Yuga’s identity is attacked by him using a giant serpent. Yu easily defeats the serpent and asks if Lo Po would like help. Lo Po wary of Yu’s desire to help. Yu says it his role as test floor administrator to consume all the nuisances to the Jahad family.

As the episode contains, we reach the rests of the test and who will be moving to the next floor. As result are given, Bam and his friends pass. However, Rachel is unable to continue her climb up the tower because of her condition. Khun comes up with the plan to take the administrator test. But Yu informs him that only an irregular can take the test. Bam announces to everyone he is an irregular. We can only wait and see what the next episode will bring us.

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