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Tower of God Episode 5 &6

In episode 5 of Tower of God, we are coming towards the end of the Crown Game. Our protagonists are in the position to win the game but a dramatic turn of events when the mysterious hooded regulars enter the arena. As the show progresses it is revealed to be Rachel. As Rachel tries to protect Bam and set him up to win; another masked regular attacks Rachel from behind causing Bam to protect Rachel. Forfeiting the game and unleashing powerful Shinsu into the arena.

In comparison to the original manhwa, Tower of God leaves out some of the other details but captures the essence of the plot. Moreover, episode 5 brings the introduction of another major character in Tower of God, Endrossi. Her acrobatic fighting style and demeanor was everything and some. Episode 5, also mentions Mazino (irregular) an important character between Lero and Hansung’s conversation. Although, the anime has diverged a bit from the manhwa the material in the anime is sufficient to relay the information to the viewers. Episode 5 is still an excellent episode in distributing information and introducing characters in a timely and fashionable manner. I cannot wait to see what episode 6 will bring.

Episode 6

Addressing the cliffhanger from last week’s episode, the viewers learn more about Rachel and her relationship with Bam. While unfriendly, Rachel tries to distance herself from Bam claiming she does not want to be a burden. This transitions the anime into a new arc, the Position Selection. Lero Ro explains the five key battle roles.

Fisherman: they fight at close quarters at the heart of the battle. Spear Bearer: They Control and kill their enemies from a distance. Light Bearer: They illuminate the dark tower with their lighthouse, as well as gather and distribute information about the situation. Scout: They investigate their enemies’ movements on the front lines and assist the Fisherman. Wave Controller: They directors of the battle, who provide support and control in combat using Shinsu.

As the episode progresses, we see a clear distinction between Bam and Rachel. As we meet more characters, the viewers can see who friend or foe is. As Rachel is alone and self-isolated but Bam is surrounded by friends and warmth. We also get to see a softer yet protective side of Khun. We see how Khun has come to care and value Bam as a friend and is willing to sacrifice his way to protect Bam. As the anime continues, we will see how their relationship develop.

Heading to final climax of the episode, where Anaak and Endrossi battle it out. We learn more about Anaak and why she is an impostor. We are left with a cliffhanger wanting to know more about Anaak and her mother’s story. Overall, episode 6 reinforces the towers ideology of what are you willing to do to achieve your goal or desire in the tower?

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