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Top 5 Anime Betrayals

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

*Contains the following content contains Spoilers

We all have an anime that we have been so into that when something happens in the series it affects on a different level. The following list not only hurt the protagonist but also hurt the viewers in ways we can be never be the same.

5.Bertolt and Reiner Betray the Scouts (Attack on Titians)

For anyone that reads the manga or watch the anime we were all surprised when we learned the truth of Bertolt and Reiner. As we get attached to these characters overcome every obstacle that is thrown at them. We watch them struggle to survive together and mourn for their fallen comrades. I never expected them to betray the scouts. They are the reason Eren and Mikasa lost everything and began this journey of tragedy.

4.Griffith Sacrifices His Saviors (Beserk)

*Rated R

The story centers around the “Black Swordsman,” a man named Guts who was once part of a mercenary group called the Band of Hawk. Their leader, Griffith, was a fearless man who ended the Hundred-Year War and brought peace to the war-torn land of Midland. However, the Griffith betrays everyone by sacrificing them, so he can become a king. This is the pain I felt to my very core as I read the manga and I watched the anime. This man who was deem as justice embodied threw all that away for his own selfish reasons. Hurting those who loved him and respected him the most.

3. Aizen betrays the Soul Society (Bleach)

While Sosuke Aizen might considered a notorious villain in Bleach, he was actually the captain of the 5th Division. Aizen presented himself as a mild-mannered gentleman. He was loved by his subordinates especially by his lieutenant Momo Hinamori. Momo was the one who was hurt the most by Aizen betrayal. Since he stabbed her in the chest before fleeing the soul society.

2. Sailor Neptune And Sailor Uranus Betray Sailor Moon

When I watched this as a child, I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was the first time I had experience betrayal in a series. We watch the sailor scouts save the world from evil and when they join the dark side betraying Usagi and the rest of the sailor scouts I couldn’t grasp it. It hurt to see the sailor scouts so defeated and betrayed by their comrades and friends.

1. Rachel Betrays Bam (Tower of God)

This is was a series that I followed religiously before it became an anime. In this series, we follow Bam who enters a mystical tower in search of his dear friend Rachel. As we learn more about the tower, Bam and his comrades, we come to love him. We watch him desperately search for his beloved friend, even if it means putting his life on the line. So, when I Rachel betrayed Bam for her own selfish reasons, I was so angry and hurt I threw my phone. I could not understand how or why she did what she did. This betrayal hurt on a different level.

Honorable Mentions

  • Anthy Betrays Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

  • Villetta Finishes Her Cause (Code Geass)

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