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Season Finale of Tower of God: Episode 13

Season Finale of Tower of God

In the season finale of Tower of God, we learn that it was Bam who was chosen and not Rachel. Devastated in finding out she begs Headon in for a chance to climb the Tower. When presented with the first test, Rachel believes it is impossible. We get to see Rachel point of view as Bam takes the test and encounters Yuri. Becoming jealous and resentful of Bam for obtaining everything she desires, Rachel pleads with Headon saying she will do anything. Headon offers her another chance in the form of a special test: Killing Bam with her own hands. Desperate to see the stars or as Headon says to become a star she agrees to climb the tower. As episode continues, we see Rachel mental and emotional state begin to deteriorate with having to kill Bam and knowing that she does not have enough point to climb the Tower. We also learn that Rachel was working with Director Yu to prevent Bam from climbing the tower.

As Rachel’s reasoning for killing Bam comes to an end. We return to Khun, Rak and the rest of crew finding out Bam has died. Rachel having lied that the Bull caused Bam’s disappearance, we can see and hear the sorrowful cries of his friends. As they mourn Bam’s death, they agree to help Rachel climb the Tower in honor of Bam. Lero Ro outraged at the outcome of the test confronts Yu; asking if he had planned all of this. Not receiving an answer Lero Ro decides to quit and climb the Tower in search of the truth.

As the episode comes to a close, we see Hwa Ryun finding Bam in cave surrounded in Shinsu. We take a peek into Bam’s subconscious, the words the Black March said to Bam in the beginning of the series are repeated “Even if you are reunited, things will never be exactly as they were. When you meet her again, she will have lived for some time without you.” As Bam regains consciousness, Hwa Ryun tells him Rachel betrayed him and if he wants answers, he must climb the tower.

The season finale of Tower of God did not disappoint, it went above my expectations. I can wait to see what season 2 will bring.

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