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Onyx Equinox Episode 5

Keeping their promise, the group heads to Danibaan to rescue any survivors and to close the third underworld gate. Without Yaotl there Izel and the twins argue more than ever, causing Yun to get severely injured. As Izel and K’in fight, Zyanya tells them to stop before Yun bleeds out. A mysterious healer appears before the group claiming to be able to save Yun. Out of options the group follows the healer back to her cave.

Once the group has reached the cave, the healer sends the rest of the group to a pond in search of the axolotl to cure Yun’s broken leg. Along the way Zyanya tries to convince Izel to abandon the twins. Zyanya saying it is wrong to pick one life over many. Reaching the pond, the heroes search for the axolotl but are not sure what it is. Gathering salamanders instead they place them into the basket in hopes they have gathered the correct ingredient. Zyanya tries to convince Izel once again to abandon the twins. Izel refuses but he is taken by force by Zyanya abandoning K’in who is surrounded by killer apes. Izel struggles out of her grip to go help K'in, saying he wouldn’t abandon Zyanya either. As our trio fight off the killer apes, the healer tries to help Yun.

As the trio is surrounded by the apes, Izel comes up with a plan to help them escape. Having fought off the killer apes, the trio returns to the cave. The healer having healed Yun, the group realizes she didn’t need the axolotl to heal him. Moreover, Izel and Yun have a heart-to-heart, apologizing for their actions. Both realizing they need each other to help closed the gates of the underworld. Outside, Izel apologizes to K'in as well, who forgives him after seeing his refusal to abandon him and his brother. the healer gives Izel the axolotl and tells him to focus on Danibaan. But, Izel panics, falling into the group and being teleported them somewhere else: to a city of winged men.

My Point of View

In this episode we see how the group struggles with each other and becoming closer. With emotion running high and each child believing they are doing the right thing. This episode reminds the viewers that these are kids tasked with a quest against all odds and that’s this episode’s strength. We are able to see their raw emotions. We see the desperation of Zyanya to save her people. The bond the twins share and the love they have one another. The understanding for Izel of what it is like to lose his sister and be all alone. Although the twins and Izel now have a better understanding of each other. There is also a rift between the twins and Zyanya. How will they overcome it? What will happen to the group?

In my opinion this episode was very gory. It also tied to last week’s episode were Quetzalcoatl mentions turning a world into apes because of their barbaric ways. The apes we saw in the last episode are the ones trying to kill Izel and his group. I enjoyed how they tied everything together. One failure of humanity versus the “redemption” of humanity. I am excited to see what the next episode brings.

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