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Onyx Equinox Episode 4


In the last episode, we had some new additions to the group, K’in and Yun. As we follow Izel and the twins on their journey to close the gates of the underworld, Yaotl senses someone following them. Who could this stranger be? Are they a friend or foe?

In the latest episode, we see our heroes traveling to close the second gate at Lakamha, a Mayan temple. Yaotl sensing someone following them waits and pounces on the intruder. Our heroes encounter the warrior, Zyanya. Zyanya is a Danibaan survivor. Danibaan was destroyed by the god of the underworld, Mictlantecuhtli. Zyanya is recruiting people to help find and rescue survivors of Danibaan. Izel and company refuse to help Zyanya saying they have another mission to do. As Yaotl lowers his guard, Zyanya escapes into the jungle leaving the group behind.

The next day the heroes reach Lakamha. Yaotl explains to Izel that the temple is of Mayan structure, but the doors were built by the Olmec. The Mayans built the temple on top of the Olmec ruins. Yaotl tells Izel and company that he cannot enter the temple because of Obsidian stone repels Gods and divine beings. As Izel and the twins enter the temple they must travel deep underground to locate the gate to the underworld. Once they enter the underground portion of the temple, Izel’s eyes trigger something in the temple causing the boys to become separated.

Meanwhile, we see Yaolt entering a different temple summoning Quetzalcoatl. Yaotl tells Quetzalcoatl that there is a problem with Izel since he has been cursed by the underworld. Yaolt reports to Quetzalcoatl that he believes there are outside forces intervening. Quetzalcoatl surprised Yaolt has summoned him instead of Tezcatlipoca. Yaolt says he has no right to question the will of the Gods. Quetzalcoatl explains to Yaotl the fates of humanity from the first through the fourth reincarnations. Having learned the fate of humanity, Quetzalcoatl praises Yaotl for being loyal to Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl. Since Yaotl once feared the Gods as well in his mortal state before becoming an emissary for the Gods. Yaotl states, he has never known anything else besides the God he serves. Quetzalcoatl tells Yaotl that he has questions but is too loyal to ask them. Quetzalcoatl says the answer is simple, fear. Yaotl remembers the fear he had for the Gods. Before, Quetzalcoatl leaves he tells Yaotl not to worry about Izel’s curse and warns him to care a little less for the heroes

Returning to the temple, we see Izel trapped hanging boxes over a lava-filled cavern. Izel gets another vision of Nelli, who tells him to "trust them." When Yun appears asking Izel what happened. Izel tells Yun he thinks it is a test. Yun worried for K’in shouts for him. Hearing K’in yell Yun hurries to him. The twins reunited help Izel escape from his box when the rope snaps. Landing in the cavern they encounter, the guardians. Unable to escape the guardians, Zyanya suddenly appears rescuing the group. Zyanya strikes up a deal with the heroes; if she saves them, they must go to Danibaan with her. Agreeing, the group is able to defeat the guardians. Finding the stairs leading to an underground passage the heroes find the gate to the underworld. Izel finds the tooth-like levers that must be closed simultaneously. It dawns on Izel that there are five levers, so how was he supposed to close the gate? Izel has a great idea oftying vines together to create a rope. As they attach the rope to the fifth lever, the group is able to close the gate.

Exiting the temple, the group meets up with Yaotl. Izel tells Yaotl that Zyanya saved them and they are going to go to Danibaan. Angry, Yaotl scolds Izel again for lying and abandoning his duties. Izel tells Yaotl that there is a gate to the underworld in Danibaan, since Zyanya knew what it was by looking at it. Yaotl asks the twins to ask the ball to see if the map leads to Danibaan. Confirmed that Danibaan is the next location, the group sets up camp for the night. Before the episode closes, we see Zyanya throw an obsidian stone necklace to the ground and transform into a creature.

My Point of View

Onyx Equinox has done it again! This latest episode, is action packed but also fosters an environment for our heroes to bond and grow. In this episode, it highlights Izel’s ability to think critically. Even though, Izel is faced with life and death situations he was able to think of a solution to save him and the rest of the group. It is great to see Izel shine outside the crybaby antics we have seen so far. I am excited to see his development as the champion of humanity. Shrouded in mystery, I am interested to see the role Zyanya has to play in the group. From what I can tell she is hiding the truth of transforming into a creature. Is she a friend or foe? What purpose will she play in guiding Izel to become the champion of humanity?

Furthermore, we are given more information about the origins of Yaotl. As well as, the reincarnations of humanity. We learn that this is humanities fifth reincarnation and it is dire need of salvation. In my opinion, I feel that this is something we will see later in the series.

As we see our group of heroes grow in numbers and character development, I am excited to see what the next episode brings. Especially, since the group is unaware of Zyanya’s transformation.

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