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Onyx Equinox Episode 2

Summary of the Episode

In the last episode, we saw the destruction of gods running rampant in Mesoamerica. We learn of the bet between Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca to see if the “lowest-of-the-low” can save humankind. As the episode continues, we are introduced to our protagonist Izel, who loses hope since the death of his sister.

Episode 2, begins with the distrust between Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl. Tezcatlipoca appoints his most loyal emissary, Yaotl to make sure there is no cheating. Moving to the bottom of the sacrificial pit, we see Yaotl dragging Izel’s body out of the water. Izel awaking in the jaws of Yaotl causes him to become distraught. Yaotl informs Izel of his destiny of closing the five gates of the underworld. However, a hysterical Izel wants to die. Ensuing, a hostile interaction between Yaotl and Izel. Believing the Gods have made a mistake Izel asks Yaotl to kill him since he has no desire to live. Yaotl demands Izel face his destiny in order to save humankind. Grief-stricken with the death of his sister, Izel tries to run from his fate. But inadvertently gets thrown into his destiny when he stumbles upon one of the five gates of the underworld.

As Izel explores the area, he finds a talking dagger asking for blood. Unbeknownst to him, a huge monster appears and attacks Izel. We find out the monster is the gate keeper to the entrance of the underworld. Izel must now fight to survive or die a gruesome death at the hands of the gate keeper. Choosing to fight, Izel must hurry and close the gate to the underworld before it is too late.

Once the gate is closed, Yaotl once again states that Izel must face his destiny and close the remaining gates. Izel believing that humanity isn’t worth saving since it has taken everything from him runs away. Making his way to his cold and desolate home we see a villager come to Izel in hope to help him. However, Izel’s eyes have turned turquoise marking him as touched by the underworld. Chased out of the village, Izel understands that things can’t go back to how were before. Reluctantly, Izel follows Yaotl on the mission to save humanity in hope the Gods can return his sister to him.

My Point of View of the Episode

Watching episode 2, I am captivated by the beautiful animation and color palette. The vibrant color schemes of turquoise, red, black and purple against the thick black lines enhances the anime. The usage of this color palette intensifies the violence and supernatural elements the episode has to offer. Allowing the charm and vibrancy of the Mesoamerican art to shine through in a breathtaking manner. Moreover, the music sung in the Nahuatl language helps tie the anime together. Adding a significant depth to the anime in the representation of the culture.

Furthermore, the anime does an incredible job of capturing the raw and complex emotions of the characters. Izel is the prime example when it comes to demonstrating these emotions. Such as, when Izel falls into a pool of water encountering a supernatural being. The fear and sheer panic of Izel's feelings is clearly portrayed on his face. As well as, Yaotl’s frustration and anger with Izel as he tries to run from his destiny.

My only gripe with the show is the voice acting in English. Being bilingual I have watched the show in Spanish and English. The English version struggles with the pronunciation of the Nahuatl language. I also an inconsistency with the “Latin accents” they do. Making the show a little difficult to watch. Overall, I truly enjoyed the show and can not wait to see what episode 3 brings to the table.

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