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Never Short on Time for Anime

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Do you like anime but always in a rush? Busy with work? School? Life? Don’t worry these short but sweet amines are perfect for on the go. You can squeeze in a few episodes during your break, lunch or on your commute home. These short but cute animes are great when you are in the mood for some anime but are too drained to watch something with a thick plot or overwhelming action/fantasy.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

  • 9 Seasons, 13 Episodes, Duration: ~4mins

  • Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery

The mysterious, yellow-masked Storyteller is a man whose true name and origin are both unknown. He appears at dusk where children gather and recites sinister tales based on Japanese urban legends, to which his young audience eerily intakes. However, the Storyteller is no ordinary teller of tales. He incorporates a kamishibai, a traditional paper-scrolling device, to add visuals to his already demented narration.

If you are a fan of horror, suspense or of thrillers then you’ll enjoy this anime. This is a fun and thrilling anime that keeps you on your toes. If you enjoy this genre but don’t have enough time to watch, then this anime is perfect for you. This is an episodic series with new characters and ghost stories. This series reminds me of telling scary stories at a campfire or at a sleepover. This anime is genuinely creepy partly because of the tension, but mostly because of the animation style. Moreover, Yamishibai, is a show that is essentially Goosebumps for the Japanese audiences. You really can’t go wrong with this spooky series that’s only 4 minutes long. Check it out if you dare!

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

  • 1 Season, 12 Episodes, Duration: ~11mins

  • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Honda is a skeleton, but more importantly, he is a bookseller. And he'll tell you from firsthand experience that the job of a bookstore employee is more challenging than it may seem to the average customer. Follow Honda-san as he deals with the daily eccentric antics of working at a bookstore.

I love this series! It is a great comedic slice of life. This show is the type of show that is great for when you want to wind down. The art style is different from your traditional anime. It reminds me more of a comic book than an anime. The art style can be a hit or miss for some, but I personally think that it gives the series some character. The cast of characters are great in my opinion. If you have ever worked in customer services or retail, then you might relate to Honda-san and understand the struggles. Moreover, this anime isn't anything extravagant or magnificent, but it is a solid anime. Overall, this is a chill anime to help you unwind.

Senryu Girl

  • 1 Season, 12 Episodes, Duration: ~12mins

  • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Shonen, Shoujo,

Yukishiro Nanako seems like a normal high school girl, but she communicates only through written senryu poetry! Nanako and her ex-delinquent bestie, Busujima Eiji, add to the experience of their high school lives as they run the Literature Club.

This is a cute and sweet high school romance. We follow Nanako and Eiji. A wonderful slice of life that allows you to relax and enjoy something heartfelt and wholesome. It is a casual anime to watch on your lunch or 15-minute break. You can’t go wrong with this anime if you want to sit down and relax. Plus, the intro and ending song are great. Have fun watching this anime during your break.

*My Wife is the Student Council President*

  • 2 Seasons, 24 Episodes, Duration: ~8mins, Rated R

  • Genre: Ecchi, Comedy, Romance, Erotic

High school freshman Hayato Izumi's hopes of becoming class president are crushed by the beautiful Ui Wakana. After the student council meeting, Ui arrives at Hayato's home and announces that she will become his wife due to an agreement that their parents made during their childhood.

This anime is inappropriate and should be watched with headphones on. Although, this is an ecchi anime it is super funny and worth the watch. It’s your classic childhood friend romance and we add some spice. If you aren’t into the ecchi anime, then stay clear. However, if you are in the mood of some spicy yet funny anime but are short on time then check it out.

Orenchi no Furo Jijo

  • 1 Season, 13 Episodes, Duration: ~4mins

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Shoujo

On his way home from school, Tatsumi sees a man collapsed near a lake. When he approaches him, Tatsumi notices something strange? Tatsumi's normal life won't be returning anytime soon with a boisterous merman as his new roommate.

This is one of my personal favorite short animes. It is funny and cute. I love all the characters and slice of life is one of my favorite genres. Although this anime is funny and cute, it is weird and does have a Yaoi innuendo. This is a show you should watch if you have had a long day at work or school or just need to reset. You can watch a few episodes during dinner or while lying in bed. So, check out this short and sweet 4-minute series.

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

  • 1 Season, 21 Episodes, Duration: ~7mins

  • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Seinen

All Rumi Yokoi wants to do is focus during school, but she is constantly distracted by Toshinari Seki, her neighboring classmate. Paying attention during class is the least of Seki's worries, as he obsesses over intricate setups created. Fortunately, lessons will never be dull with Seki's antics around!

This is a great anime to kill time. Out of all the short animes on this list I recommend this one the most! I have watched it multiple times and this series introduced me to anime shorts. We follow two desk mates, Yokoi, an average student and her desk mate Seki who is always goofing off in class. This series focuses on Seki’s antics and Yokoi who is curious and distracted by his behavior. Have you ever sat next to someone who was doing something interesting, and you couldn’t help but look. That incident sums up Yokoi and Seki’s relationship. The series is fun and comedic that will get you hooked after the first episode.

Love is Like a Cocktail

  • 1 Season, 13 Episodes, Duration: ~3mins/ Rated: M (Alcohol Content)

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Seinen

Chisato Mizusawa is a calm and collected assistant office manager who dislikes drinking alcohol in public. But she has a secret side to her that emerges only when drunk her cute persona, which she only reveals to her husband, the bartender Sora.

This is a cute and wholesome relationship between a husband, wife and alcohol. We follow Chisato and how she manages a long day at the office with a nice cold beer. The suggested alcoholic beverages are actually good. I have made one or two out of curiosity. So, if you are a fan of romance and alcohol then check out this series.

My Sweet Tyrant

  • 1 Season, 25 Episodes, Duration: ~3mins

  • Genre: Comedy, Josei, Romance, School

The childhood friends Akkun and Nontan are boyfriend and girlfriend. But Akkun a Tsundere is always saying ridiculously harsh things to Nontan. But that’s just how Akkun expresses his love for Nontan.

Your typical tsundere anime but with a twist. This may be a hit or miss for some viewers especially since the main male protagonist can seem cruel and obsessive. However, it is a parody of your typical tsundere female anime character. Check out this 3-minute series and create your own thoughts and opinions about it.

The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi

  • 1 Season, 12 Episodes, Duration: ~ 3mins

  • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Shojo

Sakaguchi is a regular high school boy who has a deep love for Boys' Love. He could live on Boys' Love alone!

This is an odd anime. We have your heterosexual protagonist with an obsession with BL (boy love). This may not be some people's cup of tea, but it is definitely a funny anime to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and had me laughing or smiling throughout the show. Don't judge a book by its cover. Check out this 3-minute anime before you make any assumptions about it.

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying

  • 2 Seasons, 26 Episodes, Duration: ~3mins

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Seinen

Hajime Tsunashi, a hardcore otaku who shuts himself in at home while making a living off his blog, and his wife Kaoru—a hard-working office lady. The years that come afterward in the journey of marriage brings with it many joys as well as challenges.

If you ever wondered what a relationship between an otaku and a normal person this would be then is the anime for you. We see this couple and their quirky love life. It’s a fun and interesting anime. The character design is crisp and consistent. With the little and limited animation for a 3-minute series the animation is fluid and well-done. The voice acting is consistent and expresses a range of emotions for such a little show. A fantastic job done by the animation team and the voice actors/actresses. The plot for this series is solid and what really shows what a true relationship is when accepting the person with all their quirks. A 10 out of 10 in my book.

Jingai-san no Yome

  • 1 Season, 12 Episodes, Duration: ~3mins

  • Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy

Hinowa Tomari, a completely ordinary high school boy, is summoned by his homeroom teacher one day and informed that he has been selected to become the wife of a mysterious creature called Kanenogi. Despite their uncertainty, the new couple registers their marriage.

This anime is weird but really wholesome. I really enjoy watching this anime when I am in the mood of something short and heartwarming. I recommend this anime to my friends and loved ones. This series revolves around a group of high school students and their spouses. We mostly see the love story of Tomari. For a 3-minute series it pulls out all the stops. We have charismatic characters, an interesting plot and some cuteness. You can definitely spare 3 minutes for this series. You can watch a full episode on the toilet. This is totally worth the watch. Give it a chance.

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