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Rina's Review: Demon Slayer Movie

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

First off, let me say that this movie is a transition from the first season to the next season. It is a must watch for those who do not read the manga. For those who read the manga the movie correlates to the following chapters 54 to 66.

The movie picks up were the anime left off at the train station, with our protagonist trying to board the train. As our protagonist’s board the train they become influenced by a Lower Moon Demon: Rank 1 begin our immersion into the movie. If you want to know more then you have to find out for yourself.

This movie is an extraordinary watch from the beginning to the end. The iconic art style and animation is worthy of buying tickets. And in this movie, they definitely did not disappoint with the gorgeous animation. The action scenes flow seamlessly in the movie. Even though, there is some CGI in the movie it does not overpower the scenes making it easy to watch. As well as, the sudden twist and turns in the movie grips the audience by the heart, evoking a rollercoaster of emotions. The movie does a fantastic job of capturing the raw emotions of our protagonist; alongside the great voice acting it makes it impossible for you to look away. It is the shortest two hours of your life. This movie had me crying, laughing, and craving for more. You will not be disappointed in watching this movie!

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