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Overlooked Animes: Winter2021

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

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The following list is comprised of animes that I will be following for the new anime season. If you watch as much anime as I do, then you probably follow the “3-episode rule." If you are unfamiliar with this rule. It is a “rule” that allows the viewer to see if the anime is worth continuing or dropping. Allegedly, this rule allows the series to setup the world, the second episode would explain the plot, and the third would be an example of how the two would combine. I personally follow a 5-episode anime rule because, it allows me to see how everything comes together. It allows for character interaction and the setting and plot to develop further without having to be explained. The following animes will be following the 5-episode rule before I drop any of them.

10. Wave

  • Genre: Sports, Slice of Life

We're free when we're riding these waves! Masaki was born and raised along the Oarai Coast in Ibaraki Prefecture, where big waves hit the coast all year round. One day, he meets the prince-like transfer student Sho and learns about the ultimate sport where you face off with the world with just a single board beneath your feet: surfing. This was the beginning of the never-ending story about boys who discovered the allure of surfing.

In all honesty, I started this series for the plot! Who doesn’t like a bit of eye candy? The animation is pretty, and the story is generic and sweet.


I finished the series but, in all honesty, I was disappointed with this series. It had so much potential to be a good sports anime. However, it fell short in plot and character development. We had our main character, Masaki Hinaoka whose world was changed because of Sho. Sho introduces Masaki to the world of surfing in a typical trope of the bond of friendship. This series felt rushed and messy. What attracted me to this anime aside from the eye candy was the animation. Watching the previews and trailers, I was excited to see a surfing anime; however, the animation was not up to par with the potential anime had. The anime felt choppy and at times the CGI felt really unnecessary.

9. Otherside Picnic

  • Genre: Yuri, Adventure, Supernatural, Adventure

Moments from death, Sorawo is saved by the mysterious Toriko in the world of the Otherside. Entranced by its beauty, she discovers that this dimension is inhabited by monsters once thought imaginary. Joining with Toriko in her search for a missing friend, they set out to explore this nightmare realm and maybe make a little money. What they encounter could bring enlightenment—or drive them mad!

I started this anime out of curiosity and so far, I am interested. The characters are dynamic and intriguing. The story is a bit confusing and the pacing of the show is a bit fast. It reminds me of the anime of Stein Gate. This anime is based of the novel series written by Iori Miyazawa and illustrated by Shirakaba. Based on the novel Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. When watching this anime, I get the feeling I am missing something since I haven’t read anything about it. So far, I am left with more questions then answers. The anime has a good intro song and the art is a mix of a dystopian world mixed with regular life. I’ll let you know if I continue to watch or drop the show.


After finishing the anime, I can say this is a hit or miss anime. The anime can be a bit confusing for some viewers. However, the anime is more of an episodic anime following our main characters as they handle each hurdle. The mix of dystopia and civilization within the series is my favorite part of the anime. The concept of are we crazy? How do we know which is fantasy or reality. Furthermore, the character development of our main characters, Sorawo and Toriko is a bit lacking but I do enjoy how they complement each other. Overall this is a 6/10 anime

8. So I’m a Spider, So What?

  • Genre: Isekia, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

I, the protagonist, was just an ordinary high school girl, but suddenly I was reincarnated as a spider monster in a fantasy world. Not only that, but I awakened in a dungeon filled with vicious monsters. Armed with only my human knowledge and my overwhelming positivity, I'm forced to use spiderwebs and traps to defeat far stronger monsters just to stay alive... So begins the labyrinth survival story of a girl with incredible mental strength living as one of the lowest-ranked beasts!

This anime is based off the Japanese light novel series written by Okina Baba and illustrated by Tsukasa Kiryu. I picked this anime because I do enjoy isekias. This is your typical isekia adventure story. So far, nothing has really stood out to me but I will continue to watch it. It is enjoyable and fun. I will be giving this anime the 5-episode rule to see if I continue or drop it.


After watching more of the series, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the series. It was quirky and fun to watch. This might be a bias answer this I am a huge fan of isekai animes. This is a great chill and introduction anime for family and friends.

7. Skate-Leading Stars

  • Genre: Sports, Drama, Slice of Life

Kensei Maeshima left the world of figure skating after his rival said, “You’ll never beat me.” Years later, he’s using his athleticism to help several high school teams, never focusing on one. But when his adversary publicly announces a shift to a team sport, a kid familiar with Kensei’s past finds and offers him an invitation to lace up his skates and join the world of skate-leading.

The only reason I started this anime was because I love Yuri on Ice and I wanted to see another skating anime. Although, this anime is no where near Yuri on Ice; it is fun to watch. This is more of a drama with a sports theme. The plot and animation isn’t anything spectacular or creative. This is an anime you will either enjoy or drop because of the plot and character interactions. So far, I give this anime 5/10.


I stand by my previous statement of this anime. In all honesty just rewatch Yuri on Ice.

6. SK8 The Infinity

  • Genre: Sports, Comedy, Slice of Life, Adventure, Action

High school students Reki and Langa are hooked on one thing—a dangerous, top secret, no-holds-barred downhill skateboarding race called “S.” When Reki takes Langa, a transfer student, to the mountain where “S” is held, Langa finds himself sucked in. These colorful skaters will take you through a thrilling story of skateboard battles and unlimited possibilities!

This an anime I started because of the hype it was getting and it has not disappointed. The opening song is good, the animation is great, and characters are charming. The anime presents itself as fun, humorous with a sense of danger. Watching the first episode left me wanting more. The main protagonist Reki and Langa are sweet and charismatic that make it hard for you not to like it. I will definitely continue to watch this show to see their character development. This anime does have a bit of negativity surrounding it because they say female anime fans are only in it for the plot but once you give the show a chance you won’t be disappointed.


This anime was all the hype and so much more. I really hope they make a season 2!

5. Mushoku Tensei

  • Genre: Isekia, Adventure, Fantasy, Action

When a 34-year-old underachiever gets run over by a bus, his story doesn't end there. Reincarnated in a new world as an infant, Rudy will seize every opportunity to live the life he's always wanted. Armed with new friends, some freshly acquired magical abilities, and the courage to do the things he's always dreamed of, he's embarking on an epic adventure—with all of his past experience intact!

When I heard this was going to become an anime, I was super excited. Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu is originally a Japanese light novel series by Rifujin na Magonote and the manga adaptation is by Yuka Fujikawa. The manga is so good!! The anime starts off like any other isekai we’ve seen but it comes with twists the more you watch or read. The protagonist isn't really all that overpowered. He has some advantage but there's a lot of things he needs to learn, practice, and improve. It’s nice to see how the protagonist develops. I hope you enjoy this anime as much as I do.

4. The Promised Neverland (Season 2)

  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror, Psychological, Thriller, Shounen

  • Website: Funimation, Hulu

The orphans at Grace Field House have only ever known peace. Their home is nice, their bellies stay full, and their caretaker, Mom, loves them very much. But their world turns upside down when the smartest children of the bunch—Emma, Ray, and Norman—learn what horror awaits them on adoption day. Now, their cultivated wit may be their only chance of survival.

In all honesty, when this anime first came out, I wasn’t too interested. I only watched this anime on a whim. Boy, was I wrong!! This anime is fantastic. It had compelling characters, the story is unique and full of surprises. I could not wait for season 2 to come out, so I preoccupied my time by reading the manga. All I can hope for is the anime will not disappoint and so far it has not!


Don't bother watching the anime. Just read the manga!

3. Dr. Stone (Season 2)

  • Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Science

  • Website: Crunchyroll

Several thousand years after a mysterious phenomenon that turns all of humanity to stone, the extraordinarily intelligent, science-driven boy, Senku Ishigami, awakens. Facing a world of stone and the total collapse of civilization, Senku makes up his mind to use science to rebuild the world. Starting with his super strong childhood friend Taiju Oki, who awakened at the same time, they will begin to rebuild civilization from nothing... Depicting two million years of scientific history from the Stone Age to present day, the unprecedented crafting adventure story is about to begin!

If you like science and anime, then this is the show for you! Dr. Stone is one of those anime which you love even though it’s exaggerated. It’s realistic while being unrealistic, funny yet with high stakes. It’s set in prehistoric-like times with the mentally of living in the 21st century, making the storyline unique. Make no mistake, this is the kind of you will love it or hate it animes. There are moments that make you fall in love with the show because of its execution or make you hate it because of how stupid it seems. All in all, this fun anime to watch with friends and family.

2. Horimiya

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen, Slice of Life

  • Website: Funimation, Hulu

A secret life is the one thing they have in common. At school, Hori is a prim and perfect social butterfly, but the truth is she's a brash homebody. Meanwhile, under a gloomy facade, Miyamura hides a gentle heart, along with piercings and tattoos. In a chance meeting, they both reveal a side they've never shown. Could this blossom into something new?

I was super excited for this anime!! I absolutely love the manga!! If you want a sweet and wholesome romance anime, then watch this!! The characters are cute and loveable. It is also really funny, I don’t know how many times I found myself laughing out loud because of this series. If you have nothing else to watch, I suggest watching this anime.

1. The Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime (Season 2)

  • Genre: Isekia, Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life

  • Website: Crunchyroll

Corporate worker Mikami Satoru is stabbed by a random killer and is reborn to an alternate world. But he turns out to be reborn a slime! Thrown into this new world with the name Rimuru, he begins his quest to create a world that’s welcoming to all races.

This another anime I started on a whim and it has become one of my favorite animes. It is a fun and enjoyable animes. It makes me sad to see how underrated this anime is. It is not anime you should watch if you want fantastic fight scenes or intricate plot. At its core it is a basic isekia anime with mediocre plot and characters, but it puts a huge smile on my face. This an anime I put on when I want to forget the real world and my problems. It is anime I put on when my depression is kicking my ass. It is an anime I recommend to my friends and loved ones because it can make you smile. This is my happy anime and having a season 2 just makes this series even better.

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