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*The following Webtoons are completed

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What are webtoons? Webtoons are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea. Unlike manga and manhwa which are recognized outside of their originating countries, webtoons are mostly unknown to the rest of the world. However, webtoons have risen in popularity because of smartphones and webtoons being adapted into different avenues of entertainment. As webtoons rise in popularity, take this time to read and familiarize yourself with some outstanding webtoons. The following list contains completed webtoon, that I have read and enjoyed the most.

10. Cheese in the Trap by Soonkki

  • Genre: Romance, Drama

  • Adaptation: Korean Drama, 16 Episodes

In this webtoon, we follow Seol Hong, a hard-working scholarship student who has just returned to the University. As Seol gets adjusted to her life as a college student, a popular student Jung Yoo has taken interest in her. However, there is something about him that Seol can’t figure out. will she be to have a normal college life, or will she get more then she bargained for?

This is a fun webtoon to read. I enjoyed the characters and the story overall. However, what really drew me to this webtoon was the interactions of the characters. The distrust in themselves and each other is what drove the story. The entire time I could never figure out who I should trust or what motive these characters had. At times, I was second guessing myself. I couldn’t get enough of the drama and would anticipate then next release. Not only was the drama intriguing but this webtoon had me laughing out loud. The antics the characters put themselves help ease some of the more intense scene. It had a good amount of comedic relief. One thing I love about webtoons is the varying art style. In this webtoon, the artwork was clean and lovely. I enjoyed how the artist had bold outlines of the characters but used soft tones and colors to emphasize the characters. Overall, I enjoyed this webtoon. It is a great read!

9. Assassin Roommate by Monica Gallagher

  • Genre: Romance, Action, Drama

Mags and Kurt are two college grads entering into the perfect roommate situation together - as complete opposites guaranteed to stay out of each other's business. Until they realize they have a few things in common. But one of them has a secret; a dangerous secret. Can they keep the secret?

This was a fun webtoon! Who said a woman larger than life can’t kick ass! I enjoyed this webtoon because Mags is a strong, confident woman. The way the author promotes an amazing job in promoting self-love and positivity in her webtoon. Mags, is a larger woman then most but that doesn’t stop her from being herself. Furthermore, this webtoon has an interesting art style. The art style reminds me more of a comic book with a twist then mangas or manhwas. The art style can be a hit or miss with some readers, but I feel that it helps make the webtoon. Moreover, this webtoon has a large amount of diversity from the love interest to her coworkers. However, my only gripe with the webtoon is the pacing. The pacing is fast leaving some details out. All in all, I give this webtoon a 4 out 5. Would read again!

8. Oh! Holy by Ahyun

  • Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Comedy

Who cares if you’re invisible in high school when you can see and talk to the invisible? Reserved and quiet, Jamie Oh prefers to remain in the background and confide only in his friends, who happen to be ghosts. But when the most popular girl in school takes interest in him, his normal -- or rather, paranormal -- life takes an unexpected turn.

This was a hilarious read. The characters personalities are just great. I love the dramatization of their actions and conversations. Holy is my favorite character. She is just so gung ho about everything and is willing to 110% when it comes to Jamie. They are just a cute couple. Just go read this and enjoy it!

7. Orange Marmalade by Seok Woo

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Drama

  • Adaptation: Korean Drama, 12 Episodes

In a world were vampires have evolved and no longer rely on human blood. Humans and vampires coexist together. But the fear and stigma attached to vampires is still very prominent, causing many vampires to be discriminated against by society. So, when Mari Baek moves to a new city after being driven away for being a vampire. She hopes she can live a normal life. But that all changes when she encounters Jae-min Jung. Will Jung be able to keep her secret, or will Mari be forced to run again?

So this webtoon, hits me in the feels unexpectedly. The love story and drama are really cute. The turmoil the characters go through personally and externally helps drive the story. This is a heartfelt high school love story. The artwork is gorgeous and easy on the eyes. So, if you are in the mood for a cute romance with hints of drama then this is the webtoon for you.

6. Untouchable by Massstar

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Drama

Sia Lee is a modern-day vampire who absorbs energy from humans by touching them instead of drinking their blood. She has been desperate to touch Jiho since the day he moved in next door—but he's a germaphobe. Will Sia best his mysophobia and touch Jiho?

This webtoon is a cute romance. The webtoon does a great job in blending comedic moments with emotionally realistic scenes. The characters in webtoon is what kept drawing me back. The characters were multidimensional, even the hated ones. The depth of their emotions and interactions makes them feel realistic and tugs at the heart strings. However, my only concern with this webtoon is the art style. Even though the art style is very well done and was stable it does have a dated look to it. Although, it isn’t a major concern it can turn people away because it is not as beautifully drawn as some other webtoons. However, I make the argument the dated art style helps promote the dialogue and relationships in the webtoon. All I can say is go check out and make your own judgement of the webtoon.

5. Ghost Wife by Saejung

  • Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Comedy

  • Has a sequel

Liz is a normal teenage girl who can see monsters. Plagued with this unnatural ability, Liz is hunted down by the monsters who want to eat her. Until a creepy looking man appears before her claim her as his fiancé! What will become of Liz?

In all honestly, this is one of the most down to earth, creepiest romance webtoons you'll ever find. It’s funny and sweet. The characters are just adorable. The development of the protagonist charming and endearing. If you are in the mood for an interesting romance with a creepy since then check this webtoon out.

4. Sweet Home by Kim Kan-bi (Carnby Kim) and Hwang Young-chan

TW: Suicidal Ideation, Death, Depression

  • Genre: Thriller, Supernatural, Horror, Drama

  • Adaptation: Korean Drama Netflix Exclusive

Following the death of his family in an accident, loner Cha Hyun-soo moves to a new apartment. His quiet life is soon disturbed when an unexplained epidemic is turning people into monsters. How will Hyun-soo and other residents survive?

Now this is a recently ended webtoon. This a gruesome and dark webtoon! The character dynamics are just incredible and compelling. You witness they characters struggle to survive in a world full of monsters This webtoon will put you through a wild ride. The impossible situations and events that occur in this webtoon will have you in disbelief. The beautiful artwork in black, white and gray scale create a heavy atmosphere with diminishing hope. Sweet Home is compelling and fascinating as it explores the dark nature of humanity.

3. A Good Day to be a Dog by Lee Hey

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Supernatural

Hana has made every effort to avoid an inevitable family curse... of turning into a dog after her first kiss. Worst of all, the only way for her to break the curse is to get a second kiss. How will that work when Hana's first kiss is with a guy who is deathly afraid of dogs?!

I absolutely love this romance webtoon. This webtoon had me laughing, angry and crying. The author did a fantastic job at creating a sweet and romantic webtoon with varying twists and turns. Before I knew it I had finished the webtoon. I didn’t know what to do with myself after finishing it. This wholesome webtoon gets a 5 out of 5 in my book.

2. Bastard by Kim Kan-bi and Youngchan Hwang

TW: Violence, Bullying

  • Genre: Thriller, Horror, Romance

Jin Seon is an invisible kid at school with a dark secret! When he Jin is almost killed by a fellow student, the new transfer student Kyun Yoon saves him. As Kyun and Jin become close, will Jin be able to keep her safe?

Similarly, to Sweet Home, Bastard is another dark webtoon. It is gripping and riveting as we follow Jin and Kyun. The twist and turn this webtoon puts you through has you at the edge of your seat. The characters are dynamic and unique. You never know what is going to happen next. Holding your breath until the very last second in hopes of getting away. Once you start reading this webtoon you will not be able to put it down until it’s finished. You have been warned if you chose to read this webtoon of your own free will.

1.Noblesse by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee

  • Genre: Supernatural, Action, Drama, Comedy

  • *Adaptations: Anime, Side Story (Webtoon)

Check out my Noblesse blog post

Rai wakes up from an 820-year-long sleep and starts his new life as a student in a high school founded by his loyal servant, Frankenstein. But his peaceful days with other human students are soon interrupted by mysterious attackers known as the "Unions."

This is one of my favorite webtoons!! I have read this webtoon in its entire at least 5 times. I love the characters. They are well rounded. You can see the progression to gain strength and better themselves. Not only do you see character development you also see the loyalty and bonds they make with the people around them. The comedy in the webtoon has me laughing and smiling to myself. The artwork is stunning! I don’t care what anyone says about this webtoon, it is absolute gold! It simply fantastic!

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